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Offering Help when needed!

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  • Offering Help when needed!

    Hello [CP]Staff/Members!

    One of our !AR!Staff members gave me the messages that CP is up and running again so i went to take a look and here i am. Just want to say keep up the fight really, as it isnt easy to get projects running or even restart them.

    Also for this reason we would like to offer our help from Admin Request,
    Sure some of you heard about our project, as i met Diva on the FPS-Admin forum "Again thanks for your comments!".

    Anyways be sure to give us a shout when CP is in a need of help,
    Other then that i would like to wish you guys good luck with the project also from our staff members!

    Take it easy,

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    Re: Offering Help when needed!

    Hey Blackhawk glad to see you stop by im sure we will be needing some help



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      Re: Offering Help when needed!

      Thanks much Blackhawk, it's greatly appreciated.


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        Re: Offering Help when needed!

        No worrys peeps, where here to help
        Keep us updated,

        xfire: adminrequest
        MSNM: contact(at)adminrequest(dot)com
        Or ofcourse our forums ^^


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          Re: Offering Help when needed!

          REALLY nice site there BlackHawk.....I will be visiting there soon and often.....not just with CP, but with my clan as well as with the GWL.


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            Re: Offering Help when needed!

            Thanks for your comment Crazy,
            Indeed i like it alot it fits our theme/style very much!

            We are currently working on our GBL-System, still a long road to come but we realy hope to get it up when its there!
            Maybe its something to look into to bundle strength, well.. we are already doing that but you know what i mean

            Will keep in touch!