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Prior to this latest version of our forums, there was an issue which was preventing an updated private profile album from being invisible to non-Subscribers. This has now been resolved, but affected albums are still visible to the public.
Please note, we ask you to check your profile albums and update any private album's "Set Visible to" field to "Subscribers".
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Welcome to The Cheat Police. Please bear with us as we rebuild the site. We know there are a lot of issues with the site and we are working on them. Badge lists and front page are the priority. TSA Applications and Updates will be online later. The forums are working.
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Why should I use GGC-Stream?

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  • Why should I use GGC-Stream?

    Anticheat - Network
    GGC-Stream offers you the best possible protection for your game server and is completely free!
    After a single register our AC-Live Game Server protects your system with the ban lists of all following Anti-Cheat Networks.

    You can decide which of those you want to add to the standard stream whenever and however you like

    Supported Games
    Since the beginning of GGC-Stream we accepted streaming for any PB game which is able to do that.
    Even games that are not actively supported anymore by EvenBalance are still supported and will still be supported, there are no plans to end that.

    Therefore we are supporting the following games:

    File Types
    Often cheaters protect their cheats with updates. No anti-cheat tool is completely effective for a long time. We know that,
    and because of this reason we offer our members to send Punkbuster screenshots and in-game demos to us via the ticket system. These demos are internally reviewed and analysed by several admins.

    In order to make it easier for you while dealing with large files we offer you our remote upload function. With this function you can upload demos and screenshots directly from your game server or web server into our ticket system - no need to upload them from your local system.

    Additionally you don't have to care about checking the data of uploaded screenshots - the system does that automatically. If the screenshot data matches the data we got via the stream, the screenshot is displayed directly in the ticket.

    Special Features
    We only work with the latest software and hardware. For this reason we can offer our members graphically sophisticated statistics and a lot of data about the visitors on their game servers.

    We also offer a lot of different searches, an interface to display the data on clan websites and banners to show the bans on websites or in forums.

    Over the years the GGC-Stream project has grown so much that the security cannot be neglected.

    For this reason we have a youth as well as a data protection officer. Due to our headquarters being located in Germany we are bound to the German legislation, with which we have imposed one of the most stringent requirements of data protection and data security worldwide.

    Our website allows the transmission of data through the HTTPS protocol (SSL) with 128bit encryptio.

    Ban Comparison
    By linking our ban list with external leagues and scene pages we offer those projects to block the caught cheaters in their system.

    In many systems the user account is now tied to a particular real person, which makes it difficult to create a fake account by buying a new game.

    We currently offer support in the forums and our ticket system in English and German. Other languages such as Danish and Swedish can be answered, but are not offered as an official language support.

    Our advanced system architecture makes it possible to add any other language. If you want to help us offering more languages just contact us via our ticket system.

    Partners and Affiliates
    One of the greatest strengths of GGC-Stream are our worldwide established partners and sponsors.
    These include companies like Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), Digital Illusions CE (DICE), Logitech International SA, Strato AG, server-origin Communications LLC, the Turtle Entertainment GmbH (Electronic Sports League) and many more.

    Only because of their help (and your donations) we were able to run this project without any annoying advertising since 2007 and we can continue to do so.
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