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Using X-Ray

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  • Using X-Ray

    [align=center]X-Ray AntiCheat[/align]
    I first came across X-Ray anti-cheat back when I started out in an old clan of mine [wont mention for privacy reasons]. One of the requirements which was needed when I applied was X-Ray, I was'nt too sure at first about it, I'd heard from a few people that it would make my cod4 in-game play lagg and that it might steal my serial key. However I downloaded it anyway and got it up and running. It did'nt really make much of a difference at first, it took a few screen shots every now and then but apart from that it was ok, lagg free and no other issues and no lol it did'nt steal my serial key.

    However...After my first few glorious weeks in my clan I began to notice some raised eyebrows at my gameplay and a few players began to get suspicious of me and thought that I was cheating because of my lucky streak I was having back then.

    Finally, one day I was confronted by a few of the clan admin and they demanded that I proove that I did'nt hack and needed hard evidence. Well at first I panicked, I didnt know what to say I obviously was'nt cheating but how could it be prooved? Then I remembered that I had X-Ray running, I linked them up to the site and prooved that they were wrong and that I was clean. Shortly after, the same incident arose with some other members and we ended up leaving the clan.

    I think that if it were'nt for X-Ray that day, I'd of probably been branded a cheater and kicked from the clan. So before you get into the gaming mood, make sure you have X-Ray Anti-Cheat installed and running to avoid such confrontations!
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    Re: Using X-Ray

    I haven't dug too deep in this anticheat prog. but i heard that it scans/ screenshots more than your game files/folders. I heard it possibly takes screenshots of your desktop or any other part of your pc that it wants.... Is this true or are these accusations still going around???
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      Re: Using X-Ray

      Not too sure mate, I'll check it out in a moment and see what I get.