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Steambans vs Sourcebans

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Steambans vs Sourcebans

    here is a good little bit of info so you know the difference between the two

    Since 2004 Steambans is a global anti-cheat blacklist program that protects HL1 or HL2 based servers from 'known' blacklisted cheaters. When 3 of our trained admins check a sent in demo, and all of them decide it's a cheater, the person will be banned. From that moment on, the cheater cannot join ANY of the Steambans protected servers anymore.

    However, before a person gets banned we at Steambans have a pretty high standard of quality checks before we even decide someone is cheating. That's why at least 3 admins need to check each demo that is sent in (with sb_status call) and a fourth Management admin will then BAN or NOT BAN.

    How to start? Check this document.

    Sourcebans is a ban and administration system for Source engine based servers like CSS or TF2. It basically allows server admins to have their own management system purely for their own servers. Sourcebans allows you to manage your admins through the web interface (powered by SourceMod) and from ingame directly ban players to the banlist, who will then be banned from all the Sourcebans connected servers.

    Where to download? Over here.

    Conclusion: If you want the ultimate protection next to VAC to protect your server from known cheaters and help the community with catching them install Steambans now.

    If you are looking for a banlist application which allows you to also define who is admin on your own servers use Sourcebans.

    Both programs work perfectly together as they are written by the same group of people!

    source here and that were the downloads are at also