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AA3.3 Screenshots Released

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  • AA3.3 Screenshots Released

    [hr][/hr] :wink: Just in time for the weekend, the DEV's have released a few screenshots just to whet your appetite. Featured in the shots are the AI NME Soldiers and a sneak peek of the upcoming new map, Airfield.

    Airfield: Just outside the airfield, AI NME Soldiers search the foothills for U.S. Soldiers.

    Airfield: U.S. Soldiers escort the AI VIP to a secure area for extraction.

    Airfield: A U.S. Advanced Marksman eliminates an AI NME threat.

    Bridge: AI NME Soldiers watch for U.S. Soldiers while holding their position.

    Ranch: A U.S. Soldier carefully surveys the landscape for threats.

    Ranch: A U.S. Soldier guards the AI VIP as he pops green smoke to signal for extraction.

    Ranch: A Blackhawk helicopter lands to extract the AI VIP.
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