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screenshots for review- BF2 Ranked

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  • screenshots for review- BF2 Ranked

    Some players have been very good lately, So I have some links to a couple Screenshots for review.
    the first one is here - . Any one that has any experience in BF2 knows that that screen does not exist in normal play, and is a video setting is causing it then too bad for them, still banned. I am tired of the hakker crap.  and the second one is here.

    In the second notice that the screenshot is uncluttered in any way, no hud , yet you can see his order line purple down below.  Here is an earlier screenshot showing a normal view... .

    If these are posted in the wrong place I apologize, to the forum owners. But not to the anticheat community that has allowed these bums to ruin the game and make players leave.
    Because of C____un we had many players exit.

     If you are convinced that these screenshots are normal then please explain in detail why you think they are. Then I will pass that info to our Admins.

     Myself and the guys I play with have over 4 years in Bf2. Our server has about 80000 screenshots on it. I have reviewed hundreds of those, compared them to known high end configurations, and these are damned unusual. So what do you all think?