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Hello From -=RGC=-

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  • Hello From -=RGC=-

    We are a Battlefield series clan holding Badge No. 0092 and are just over a year old now and comprised of mostly older kids from 18 - 60+ .(the core members have been playing BF2 at least 2.5 years)  We operate a BF2 server as well as a Special Forces server , both running AdminMap 24/7. We hates cheats glitchers and hackers as well as server crashers. I have been running servers going on 3 years+. I have always had to deal with some axxhole trying to ruin fun for everyone else.

    We check screenshots periodically during screenplay when someone is questionable, and demo's if necessary. Our local server ban lists are quite large, and several are caught by PSB or GGC. All of our members can admin a server and try to keep game play fair . All members and players must observe the EA ROE as well as clan rules for the servers.

    If you love BF2 and would like to play, join us evenings from 6pm US Central time till we are to tired to go on.

    Cya'll on the Battlefield!  

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    Re: Hello From -=RGC=-