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call of duty modern warfare 2

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  • call of duty modern warfare 2

    Twitter seems to now be the fashionable place for leaks and hints from game developers, after recently showing you the first (blurry) picture of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, we now have more info on that title straight from Infinity Ward

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    Re: call of duty modern warfare 2

    hi there , i play codmw2, VAC is running a anticheat system on there and its crap. is there any players that play from this website? ive notice lately that there are to many wallhackers playing and its putting me off playing if there is anyone that plays from this site can i be on your buddy list on steam, pm me for my steam user name, thanks


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      Re: call of duty modern warfare 2

      It's regrettable that VAC/Steam have allowed this to happen. If InfinityWard had just went back to EvenBalance for the anti-cheat software, and allowed the public to open dedicated servers for the game, then I think things would have been different.

      But IW wants to monopolize the dedicated server biz by keeping the game in house and not allowing US, THE ACTUAL PLAYERS AND ADMINISTRATORS to manage our own servers keeping the cheats and hacks out. It's obvious to me that they do not care. They are in it for the all mighty dollar. OR, the CHEAT AND HACK developers bitched too much that their "customers" are getting banned and are losing money.


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        Re: call of duty modern warfare 2

        Hence the reason i don't have nor will i get the game.
        Play right, play fair... the way it's meant to be!


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          Re: call of duty modern warfare 2

          I believe they monopolized the servers for 1 reason and that is definitely the almighty dollar. *They want to start charging for map packs like they do in consoles. *It's a crying shame because I have played the COD series since day 1.

          And Jimbo, I have also heard about the issues with VAC and will not be buying that game either. *I play mostly CoD:WaW & CoD4. *And if TreyArch decides to go the same route, with CoD7, as IW has I will no longer support them buy buying their crap.