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{BHC}Rangers Recruiting

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  • {BHC}Rangers Recruiting

    {BHC}Rangers are primarily a cod4 clan, we have our cod4 -MW4 mod server ip ( post that ip up in youtube to see lots of videos of the mod thruought its progress over last 3-4 years.

    We recently went to the "dedi box rental" route, primarily because our server ip failing, (we have had this server for around 5 years now) and its getting buggy, our GSp,-GTXGaming, want to drop this box, so have given us a deal on a clan dedi box.
    this allows us a bit of flexablity on the type of servers we can run.
    ive already cloned the mw4 server onto a new ip, that will be our "home" server for the future.
    we also have a waw server up on ip, atm it is a hc ranked server, but will transform into a modeed server running the new "redline" mod by,

    Obviously we are looking for players who fit ours and TCP criteria of behaviour and conduct. we have a regular bunch of good guys and are looking to expand and fill our servers.. are you up to it?