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procon for mohw

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  • procon for mohw

    Hi their' been a up date on procon for mohw ->
    • added support for MoHW
      • added MoHW config generator
      • added MoHW server settings (Note: change of playlist is on the gameplay tab because these are fixed lists of maps)
      • added MOHW.def with map and mode definitions

    • added some tweaks at the startup
    • added new plugin control for limiting every plugins runtime
    • added %player_IP% support for stats link
    • added tooltip for long urls and copy to clipboard on double click for stats links option
    • tweaked the stats link url check a bit, allows more special chars used in url calls
    • tweaked catch for punkbuster kick message because it changed during their last updates
    • added 80 chars length limit for reasons, based on rcon documentation
    • enhanced endRound selector to only show the relevant names
    • fixed player sort on chat tab, sort is based on player name not clan tag
    • disabled mapview tab for BF3 and MoHW as it has no use with these games

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    Re: procon for mohw

    Thanks for the heads up! Good intel.
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