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Setting up a Teamspeak Server

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  • Setting up a Teamspeak Server

    found this over at teamspeak site, this may be useful for new server admins that have a their own box.

    -= Team Speak 2.0 =- Server Setup

    1 - Download/Install - Team Speak 2.0 Server

    2 - Start Team Speak 2.0 Server

    3 - Registering Your Team Speak Server
    - Start Team Speak 2.0
    - Locate and open your Server log file using Word Pad
    (c:/Program files/Teamspeak2/server)
    - Locate your Login and password
    - sample ( LoginName: admin LoginPW: bmjk3 )
    - Right Click on the Team Speak 2.0 server icon in your tray and select ( Administration )
    - You will be prompted to enter the login and pass you just retrieved from your Servers log file.
    enter your info and save

    4 - Navigating and Setting up Team Speak 2.0 while in the Web Browser
    - Select your server
    Users Manager
    - click User Manager, then click on the tool button to the right of the admin
    - Type in a new admin password in both the fields
    - make sure you have selected both Server Admin & Super Server Admin
    - Then click Save. A web browser Login/Password box will pop up, enter your new info and hit remember password then save.
    - NOTE: you will also use the (User Manager) to edit your registered guests..
    You can make a registered guest a Server admin or Super Server Admin without changing their password by leaving it blank
    (to register a client view the client setup portion of this post. Steps 4-6 in the Client setup portion)
    - Click Settings
    - Modify these server settings per your needs
    - server name
    - server welcome message
    - Server Type, (clan/public) server
    - Player registration Mode
    - Type of Codec's to be allowed
    - Save settings

    5 - Connecting to your Team Speak 2.0 server as a Admin
    - Install and Start Team Speak 2.0 (Steps are listed in the Client Setup portion on this post,, Sections 1-3)
    - Click (Connection/Connect) Select (Web Servers List) Locate and Highlight your server, then Select (Copy to local Addressbook)
    - Click on the (Local Addressbook) tab
    - You should see your server's info on the right hand side of the window, with your guest Nickname.
    - Select Auto-Reconnect
    - Select ( Registered )
    - Enter your Personal Login Name and Password
    - Connect to the Server

    6 - Tip on Creating Channels and Sub-Channels
    - You must select a channel type for the channel to stay.
    - Registered = Permanent Channel that will stay on the server till deleted.
    - Moderated = You need voice or better to talk.
    - Sub Channels = Selecting this will allow you to create Sub-Channels in that parent Channel
    - Default = This is the channel the members will automatically join
    - To create a Sub-Channel, your parent Channel must have the Sub-Channel box selected upon creation