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Prior to this latest version of our forums, there was an issue which was preventing an updated private profile album from being invisible to non-Subscribers. This has now been resolved, but affected albums are still visible to the public.
Please note, we ask you to check your profile albums and update any private album's "Set Visible to" field to "Subscribers".
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Welcome to The Cheat Police. Please bear with us as we rebuild the site. We know there are a lot of issues with the site and we are working on them. Badge lists and front page are the priority. TSA Applications and Updates will be online later. The forums are working.
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    [quote author=GreenBean HH link=topic=33.msg47#msg47 date=1211222413]

    DMW International LTD provides anti-cheat software for online Gaming. The DMW Anti Cheat software has been developed in such a way so it has the ability to be compatible with any online multiplayer game. The Anti Cheat package consists of two pieces of software, namely DMW Client and DMW Scanner as noted below. DMW (Developing Multiplayer Worlds) has a website which provides useful information. *They also have a forum which is accessible once you've registered and logged in from the website.

    Is the DMW software easy to Install ?

    The new easy configuration wizard will guide you through setting up your scanner and client if your having problems. It will do a full check of your setup and hardware to make sure the scanner can function correctly.

    Multiple server control will now allow you to control up to 64 servers from the same DMW dashboard , with full rcon and game control DMW will become more than just an anticheat and more of a full game control package.

    More information can be found here: ... 374&lang=1

    The DMW Client:
    The Client part of the software is absolutely 'free of charge' and when installed on a users home PC it will monitor for any cheats being ran alongside a game or cheats being introduced whilst playing, this will stop players gaining an unfair advantage over other online players and stamp out cheats.

    The DMW Scanner:
    The Scanner part of the software is ran alongside an online game server, it monitors the Client connections and provides added features to administer your online game server, either locally from a user pc, or remotely. *Those wishing to run a DMW scanner on their server can purchase a scanner subscription (Silver Account). more info.

    Since May 2006, all instances of players being kicked for invalid files or settings have been automatically reported back to us via the DMW Scanner which detected them so no reporting is required unless you have a screenshot showing a visual cheat such as driver abuse. More info HERE

    Recently Clanbase and DMW announced a new working partnership in the battle against cheats. The sole intention of this organisation is to promote a cheat free gaming platform for the world of online gamers, where clans can meet, have a war, and leave again knowing that they have won/lost purely because of a level of skill. More info HERE.

    Admin Request Networks!
    !AR!Blaze, Bart - Chief Marketing Officer .