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Prior to this latest version of our forums, there was an issue which was preventing an updated private profile album from being invisible to non-Subscribers. This has now been resolved, but affected albums are still visible to the public.
Please note, we ask you to check your profile albums and update any private album's "Set Visible to" field to "Subscribers".
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Checking PB GUID againts COD2 GUID

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  • Checking PB GUID againts COD2 GUID

    Is there a way to do something like a reverse lookup on a PB GUID and get a players COD2 GUID, or vice versa?

    We're running a tournament/league at the moment, and there's a few individuals who have been caught via their PB GUID's as hackers, however we want to confirm these individuals via their COD2 GUID's.

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    Re: Checking PB GUID againts COD2 GUID


    i beleive will work