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First Report: AA3 Version 3.3!

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  • First Report: AA3 Version 3.3!

    It's been almost 10 years since America's Army first appeared on the multiplayer scene, and over the years we've been constantly adding to and improving this great game; rolling out one update after another to give players a more in-depth look at the U.S. Army and Soldiering.

    For our 10th anniversary we're releasing a new version of AA3 that will feature Artificial Intelligence NME combatants! The AI NME will appear in two familiar missions and one new mission, Airfield. These missions will each vary in their level of difficulty to complete.

    Bridge (AI Basic) - Easy to learn and navigate, the Bridge classic mission makes an excellent first map for the beginning America's Army player. Strategically placed NME AI will be crouched or standing directly in view, with some even firing after a few seconds. The player will be forced to move or will eventually be incapacitated. This will be a classic extraction mission on Bridge against an AI enemy. This map is structured as an introductory map for those learning the game and is a great way to experience the NME AI combatants for the first time.

    Ranch (AI Advanced)
    - Don't let this harmless farmhouse facade fool you!
    The quaint exterior hides an underground headquarters that is crawling with NME AI. Players must first breach a perimeter of patrolling NME AI to reach the central farmhouse. Once inside, Soldiers must search each room to locate and extract a mysterious VIP. Then they must escort the VIP to the green extraction point and hold off a swarm of NME AI. This will be one of the toughest missions you'll have ever experienced!

    Airfield (AI Advanced and AI Expert) - Featuring battle-hardened NME AI, Airfield showcases America's Army's largest battle space to date. The Airfield Co-op mission features a seemingly abandoned airfield that is under construction by the NME. A central air control tower provides a bird's eye view of the runways. Because of the large open space and limited cover, Soldiers must proceed to the objective carefully by using the natural terrain and plenty of smoke screens. A heavy loadout is highly recommended in order to take advantage of the complete tool set that America's Army has to offer. Airfield offers two levels of difficulty, and be forewarned, this is not for the fainthearted!

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