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America's Army 3.3 Released!

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  • America's Army 3.3 Released!

    AA 3.3 featuring AI NME combatants has been released! Featured in fan favorites Bridge and Ranch and an all new Airfield map, the AI NME will test new and old AA players’ skills with varying levels of difficulty to defeat. The revised Bridge makes a great first map for those new to the game, while Ranch ups the ante with more advanced AI. Airfield, the largest AA map ever made, features advanced and expert AI which will test even the most hard core AA players.

    Other new features in this release include a revised scoreboard that is easier to read and more intuitive; an AAR that has been improved with more stats; a special holiday event mode with fireworks effects to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of America’s Army; and other new additions include a Combat ID system, new optics, and MEDEVAC volunteers to get you back in the game quicker. Now go get it!Posted via Mobile Device
    Thank you,
    [CP] Jeffo_Ray
    (Also known as:
    [CP] G3N3R4L)