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COD:WAW 1.3 Patch Update (Coming Soon)

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  • COD:WAW 1.3 Patch Update (Coming Soon)

    I took this directly from the COD Forums

    Hi all,

    So our initial goal was to have an update for all platforms today. The Xbox 360 and PS3 had their TU, the Wii got some new gametypes, and the PC was going to receive Patch 1.3. By the way, the 1.3 hit list is:

    * ** /record and /demo enabled in MP.
    * ** Server Log File improvements, including:
    * * * * *o Team Names on Kill loglines.
    * * * * *o Round Win and Loss.
    * * * * *o Timestamps.
    * * * * *o Additional action logging (took flag, destroyed headquarters, planted bomb, etc).
    * ** Improved sound initialization for Vista - fixes loss of sound for audio devices set higher than 16 bit 48000 Hz.
    * ** Screenshots no longer overwrite each other.
    * ** Tweaked autobalance on select game modes.

    Unfortunately, QA found an important issue in the eleventh hour of PC 1.3 testing, which we must tend to before we can release it. Thus, the release could not happen today.

    It is important to note that our development process on these updates is parallel - that is - all teams are dedicated. So the console TU's releasing today does not reflect a prioritization of one sku over the other - both teams work completely independent of each other, and this time it happens to be the PC that has had an unexpected bug pop up last-minute.

    That said, the PC team is working fervently to get the PC Patch 1.3 out the door as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality.

    We appreciate the patience and your continued feedback on 1.2. I'll keep you updated to the 1.3 progress as we learn more.

    -JD ... 9&t=113192