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  • I am B4NDIT

    Hello Everyone,

    I am B4NDIT. I am the Founder/Owner of BF3 Canadian Clan . We are strictly a Battlefield 3 Gaming Clan. I formed the Clan back in October of 2012 and we have grown and continue to see new faces on a regular basis. We have 54 registered gamers on our website and from those we have 27 actual Clan members with their tags on. We have a 24 man BF3 Gaming Server, a Teamspeak and of course our website. Our server is full just about every night and we have a great map rotation. Myself and my admins do utilize Procon and we always try to be Firm,Fair and Friendly.We strive to run an honest server.We do not cheat and we have caught cheaters whether through submitted screenshots or our streaming through GGC-Stream.We have gotten many good compliments in regards to map rotation and how we police our server. Once BF4 is released,I will get a BF4 Gaming Server and we will maintain both BF3-4 Gaming Servers

    Thank you