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Welcome to The Cheat Police. Please bear with us as we rebuild the site. We know there are a lot of issues with the site and we are working on them. Badge lists and front page are the priority. TSA Applications and Updates will be online later. The forums are working.
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hello nice to be home again

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  • hello nice to be home again

    hello people and players its nice to be back I was a little off lately playing other games and getting mad at the amount of hackers there are out there ruining good games so I decided not to play for a while sorry about that just plain old disgusted but its nice to be back I would like to invite some friends to join in with me here how do I do that. where exactly is the I exept, part for the forum rules read all the rules cant find the I except button.

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    Re: hello nice to be home again

    Welcome back, and according to the system, you have accepted the rules, so you're good to go. As for inviting your friends to play, if you know their user name, you can search for them and shoot them a PM, or just post in the forums.