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top 10 things that tell everyone you're a noob

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  • top 10 things that tell everyone you're a noob

    Top 10 things you do that tell everyone you're a NOOB!

    1) You run into deadends thinking you're going to out-flank the enemy. "Where's he going?" *

    2) You try to open doors when the game doesn't allow any doors to open.

    3) You try to toss a nade through a window but it hits the wall, bounces back into your lap and explodes. *:roll:

    4) You drop a smoke grenade and then can't see where you're going. *:?

    5) You use martyrdom as the only means to get a kill. *ops:

    6) You try and climb up onto things that are off limits. "Jump dude... you can do it!"

    7) You hide as soon as you spawn hoping that you won't get found and shot at-Yikes!

    8 ) You run down the center of the street, get killed, and do it again, and again. *:cry:

    9) You 'flash bang' yourself. * :shock:

    10) *You run into your own airstrike. *

    Where'd I get this list... from experience of course * * :lol:

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    Re: top 10 things that tell everyone you're a noob

    I'm offended.... I do No. 3 often and i been playing since 2003!! *ops: It's just a repeated veteran mistake, that's all. *:razz:
    Play right, play fair... the way it's meant to be!


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      Re: top 10 things that tell everyone you're a noob

      i remember one game where friendly fire was on and a guy comes on *over the speaker saying don't go West, I've just ordered an AirStrike, and then proceeds to run out there, i guess to continue to warn people and finds himself as the only casualty.

      I'm particularly good at flash nading myself... never fails the thing always bounces back towards me.