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Profile Albums

Prior to this latest version of our forums, there was an issue which was preventing an updated private profile album from being invisible to non-Subscribers. This has now been resolved, but affected albums are still visible to the public.
Please note, we ask you to check your profile albums and update any private album's "Set Visible to" field to "Subscribers".
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Welcome to The Cheat Police. Please bear with us as we rebuild the site. We know there are a lot of issues with the site and we are working on them. Badge lists and front page are the priority. TSA Applications and Updates will be online later. The forums are working.
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PB Kick Codes

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  • PB Kick Codes

    This list is provided as a REFERENCE ONLY! If you're banned or getting kicked, contact Evenbalance at

    Technical Violations: (Resolution: Reinstall PunkBuster from the latest game update patch)
    #101 - Communication Failure
    #102 - Communication Failure
    #118 - Update Timout (Happens when PB can't update the client side automatically. Manual PB update is needed)
    #131 - Initialization Failure
    #132 - Protocol Error
    #133 - Comfail (No Packet Flow or PB Init Failure)
    #141 - Distress (This indicates a problem trying to update to the latest version of PunkBuster - it may indicate a problem reaching one of our Internet-based Master PB Servers which can be caused by firewalls, router problems, etc.)

    Miscellaneous Violations:
    #111 - Bad Name (Resolution: Change player name or play on a different server)
    #112 - Too Many Bad Names
    #113 - Too Many Name Changes (Designed to eliminate name change spamming)
    #116 - Duplicate CD-Key and/or GUID on same server (Resolution: Do not share CD-Keys. Each PC needs its own CD-Key)
    #114 - Protected Name (Resolution: Change player name or play on a different server)
    #121 - Negative Score Too Low (usually from Killing Teammates)
    #151 - Extended ASCII Characters in Player Name (Resolution: use regular letters, numbers and symbols in the player name or play on a different server)
    #9001 - CVAR value failed range check (see the FAQ for more info)
    #9003 - Losing Key Packets (Check firewall permissions and/or reinstall PB using the pbsvc tool)
    #9005 - Ignoring MD5 Tool Queries (Make sure your ports for PB is allowed through your firewall)

    Integrity Violations:
    When PunkBuster is unable to verify that a player's gaming environment is functioning properly and/or has not been alterred, an Integrity violation is raised. This also involves the detection of modified game or PunkBuster files. These violation numbers are between 10000 and 29999.

    Cheat/Hack Violations:
    When PunkBuster detects a cheat or hack by repeated positive identification on a player's computer, a violation is raised. These violation numbers are 50000 and higher. Families of cheats are listed below.
    (Resolution: Remove cheats and hacks from the computer)

    #50000s - Aimbot
    #60000s - Wallhack
    #70000s - Multihack
    #80000s - Gamehack
    #90000s - 'Cheat' Video Drivers
    #100000s - Speedhack
    #110000s - Autofire
    #120000s - Game Hook
    #130000s - Attempted PunkBuster Hack